THE SAINT OF CARRINGTON – A Heartwarming Holiday Novel

The story of a man who has lost his way, a town that has lost its faith in Santa Claus, and the young boy who teaches them all to believe again. It is a tale of love, loss and the magic of Christmas.


The Dragonbond Books will tell the tale of an infant boy who is dropped at the front door of a 200-year-old library and raised by the head Librarian. On the boy’s 9th birthday, per his parents request (left in a note), she gives him the three items his parents placed in the bassinet with him; an ancient book of unknown origin, a very old quill, and a peculiar looking, slightly rounded, speckle-spotted rock. With each new passing day the boy begins to understand the archaic language of the mysterious book, and can finally read the instructions for “the care and feeding” of… yep…a dragon.


During an election year, a young man reads The Constitution in his 8th grade class and begins to see America in a whole new light. He not only sees what this great country was intended to be, but also how far we have strayed from the values and ideals of our forefathers. Deciding he must somehow make a difference to ensure a brighter future, he tries to speak out but no one will listen, so he does the one thing he knows will get the attention of the American people. He runs for President of the United States.


When Dr. Nigel Bennett, Nobel Laureate, Quantum Physicist, recruits seven young geniuses for a top secret research project in psychokinetic space travel, he is unaware that they hold the key to mankind’s destiny.

Transported to a secluded monastery in the Canadian mountains, the seven teens are inducted into the LSX Project–a decade-long training program to pilot a new alien/human hybrid spacecraft. But the kids quickly learn they have been deceived, and form their own task force to uncover the government’s true intentions.   

Together they join forces to change the course of future history, becoming the legendary team known to subsequent generations as Infinity Eight and embark on a quest for answers which takes them across the globe and across time, where every decision they make may save or condemn future civilizations on earth.


Elizabeth Ann Rawlins, an impoverished child prodigy musician, and Elliot Norwick, an intelligent but troubled teen in foster care, have never met, but they are about to become the richest kids in the world, named as the sole heirs of the Ravenstone Estate, one of the largest fortunes in England, by a man who died over 100 years before they were born.

As the children set out to discover who Howard Bettencourt was and how, living in the 19th Century, he could have willed all his worldly possessions to complete strangers born in the 20th Century, the Bettencourt family endeavors to prove the will is a forgery.

On their first night at Ravenstone Castle, Elizabeth and Elliot receive a secret map which leads them to Howard Bettencourt’s most prized possession…a magic ring that propels them backwards in time to the 19th Century where they find themselves not only trapped in the past but fighting for their lives as the blood-heir of the Bettencourt fortune plots to eliminate them and claim the inheritance for himself. 


The year is 2173. An airborne bio-weapon has rendered sunlight lethal to human beings. One man foresaw the devastation; renowned architect Conrad Moss.

With the help of twenty-seven of the world’s greatest scientific and creative minds, Moss builds Umbra Solis; a monumental, self-sustaining subterranean complex in the remote desert.

While the world above fights to survive, Moss and his scientists flourish underground,  creating a race of super-children who can not only live in the light, but also thrive by deriving great mental and physical power from the sun’s rays. Now the architect is dying and only his son, having inherited the gift of prophecy, can carry on his father’s work and save what is left of the human race. There is one problem. He doesn’t know who he is and wants nothing to do with Umbra Solis.  It will take a miracle, a massacre and a war of nations to make him see the truth.


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