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Author, musician, lifelong explorer of dreams, intuition and ancient wisdom, passionate pursuer of creative expression, curious surveyor of unexplained phenomenon and the mysteries of the universe. Dyslexic time-traveler.

About Elayne G. James                                                                          

     Born in Monterey, California, to musician parents, Elayne James grew up on her family’s small ranch and spent her formative years learning the secret language of the animals and falling in love with the enchantments of the land. She became a musician and songwriter at an early age and traveled extensively throughout her childhood and adolescence, becoming a writer by chronicling her family’s adventures on the road.

     With college, she expanded her explorations to the areas of Philosophy, Theology, Mythology, Quantum Physics, and Metaphysics, weaving many of these teachings into sci-fi and fantasy stories. Soon after college, she began to write books (due to a less-than-subtle “suggestion” from of her professors that she was not cut out to write short stories –each submitted piece came back with a note that invariably said: “This is not a short story, this is the start of a novel”).

     As her novels will attest, she has made a lifelong study of myth and imagination, intuition and inner worlds, ancient wisdom, and the dream realms. She has a passion for personal and global evolution, creative exploration and expression, as well as a fascination with the paranormal & unexplained mysteries of the human experience (of which she has encountered quite a few). She currently resides in Los Angeles County, working as a full-time author and artist.

Lifetime Honorary Member of A.U.P.S.L.O.T.P [The Amalgamated Union of Philosophers, Sages, Luminaries, and Other Thinking Persons -Chapter 25] ツ

Interests and favorite subjects include:                                         

The Cosmos • Character • The evolution of self and society • Partnership • Archeology • Art • History • The Mysteries of Alchemy • Technology • Philosophy • Education • The Behavior of Light • Time Travel • Speculative Physics • The depths of mind and soul • Music • Books • Travel • Ecology • Family and Friends • Love • The Future • Nanotechnology • Native American Teachings • The Mysterious and the Unexplained • Rivers • Rocks • Hawks • Films great and small • The Art of Photography • The Science of Compassion • Nature walks • Playing the guitar and…of course, writing books.

Writing Influences include:                                                                

In youth: Jules Verne, J.R.R. Tolkien, H.G. Wells, Madeleine L’engle, C.S. Lewis, Nicola Tesla, Albert Einstein… and many others.

Inspirations beyond childhood include: Joseph Campbell, Orson Scott Card, The works of Physicist Michio Kaku, Julia Cameron and Natalie Goldberg, Mary Stewart’s “The Crystal Cave,” Gary Zukav’s “The Dancing Wu Li Masters,” Robert A. Heinlein’s “Time Enough for Love” and “Stranger in a Strange Land,” Rodman Philbrick’s “The last Book in the Universe”,William Shakespeare, Freeman Dyson’s “Disturbing the Universe,” Plato’s Myth of the Cave, Ancient Greek Philosophy and Mythology, Leonardo De Vinci, Galileo Galilee, Ben Franklyn… (the list goes on)



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