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Young Adult Adventure/Fantasy Series

“Elayne G. James weaves a vibrant tapestry of magic, adventure, and intrigue, about the inward and outward journeys of a young teen chosen by a race of ancients to inherit the most powerful magical object in the world.”

World Nouveau Publishing

Book One: The Secret Half (2nd edition) 


In the first book of this Young Adult fantasy series, Ani Jasper, a precocious only-child born under mysterious circumstances, learns just before her 14th birthday that she possesses a unique ‘soul signature’ and has been chosen by a race of ancients to inherit the most powerful magical object in the world.

An unexpected move to New York City challenges her courage and resilience as she encounters both natural and supernatural enemies, but when Ani sees a vision of death in a ‘future memory,’ she must embrace her magical destiny to save herself and those she loves from dark forces determined to possess the magic of the ancients and corrupt its power.

Book Two: The Hidden Gates                                
In Book Two, The Hidden Gates, Ani and CJ make their way to the ruins of Machu Picchu, where they meet Hazool—local boy, con-artist—who gives tours through the ruins for quick cash. When Hazool learns the girls are in Peru to find the” Lost City of the Inca,” where Ani believes her mother is being held captive by the legendary Guardian tribe, he convinces them to hire him as a guide on their trek through the treacherous Amazon Jungle, secretly hoping to find the fabled city of gold with its promise of fame and fortune.

This unlikely threesome embark on an extraordinary adventure into the heart of a forgotten land, surrounded and protected by a magical realm. They discover along the way, that destiny has many dangers and dubious riddles to solve, where the new bond of friendship becomes vital to their very survival. 

In Books Three and Four, Ani and her new friends discover, after navigating through the treacherous labyrinthian caverns, that the legendary subterranean city is not what it is fabled to be. As Ani learns to harness the magic of the LightBridge, she discovers that with such power comes a price. But it is a price she must pay if she is to save those she loves from certain death. Only with courage, magic and the help of her double soul, Eli, can she defeat the dark forces that threaten her family, her friends, and all of Azimara.

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