☆ THE LIGHTBRIDGE SERIES ☞ Book One: The Secret Half%e2%88%9albl1_lsi-secret-half_5-5x8-5_front_2017_d

This 2nd edition printing, THE SECRET HALF (new title, new cover, plus a few new story elements), will be released in March 2016. The eBook series will also get a revamp! Check back soon for updates!

The 1st edition version (entitled Destiny’s Call) is currently available online and in bookstores nationwide. Amazon links: ☞ BUY PRINT VERSION ON AMAZON  ☞ BUY KINDLE VERSION ON AMAZON

Click Here for Website Portal:enter-site-graphics


☆ THE LIGHTBRIDGE SERIES ☞  Book Two: THE HIDDEN GATES: late 2017.%e2%88%9albl2-cover_the-hidden-gates_2017_c


☆ THE LIGHTBRIDGE SERIES ☞  Book Three: THE LOST PATH (working title): does not yet have a release date.


☆ THE LIGHTBRIDGE SERIES ☞  Book Four: AZIMARA’S SHADOW (working title): does not yet have a release date.


☆ THE SAINT OF CARRINGTON  Release Date: 2017 holiday season  (Prelim Cover)carrington-cover-ft_bag_2016_c

Click here for website portal:Key Portal Graphic


☆ The First of THE DRAGONBOND BOOKS will probably be out sometime in 2018Secret-Ref -Dragonbond 4c-300dpi



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